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EchoTrack Radar–Acoustic Surveillance System provides unique and powerful capabilities for monitoring airborne wildlife that the competition cannot provide.



The EchoTrack system surveys all concurrent bird and bat flight paths, in a landscape 4 km across and a hemisphere 10 times the volume of commercial directional bat sensors. All the animals within the radar's hemisphere are captured, not just the animals that cross the beam.
The EchoTrack system follows flight paths from ground level habitat to 1900 m above ground. Wildlife behaviour can be attributed to the landscape features.
The EchoTrack system derives accurate mapping of individual flight paths in location and time, with height. Both landscape–level analysis, and options for mitigation at the individual wind turbine are achievable.
The EchoTrack system maps individuals across the horizon. The sources and destinations of individuals are known, as are the regions of high risk flight behaviour.
The EchoTrack system produces constraint maps of focal species with sufficient detail for setback and operational mitigation which other commercially–available systems, acoustic or radar, cannot provide. Species–specific mitigation strategies are provided that meet Endangered Species laws and Best Management Practice guidelines.
The EchoTrack system provides constant, quantified sampling volume and automated data analysis. Automation controls for bias and enables BACI (before–after–controlled–impact) assessment.
The EchoTrack system is proven to increase the accuracy of observations beyond traditional visual methods of assessment of risk. The EA reporting to regulators is thorough and accurate in identifying risks requiring mitigation.
The EchoTrack system's custom hemispheric ultrafrequency sensors are capable of detecting bats to 100 m. Bats can be detected into wind turbine blade height without having to mount sensors on the towers.
EchoTrack stores all of the raw data. The data can be re–analysed using different parameters in the event that development plans change, and the need for additional field monitoring is eliminated.

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