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What Is EchoTrack

EchoTrack is a science based business focused on developing the very best technology for surveying and tracking all airborne wildlife. Primarily, we provide Environmental Assessment (EA) studies for renewable energy developers who must meet regulatory requirements to mitigate for potential impacts on birds, bats, and other wildlife, in the pre– and post– construction phases of their development projects.

What We Do

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Using purpose-built technology, EchoTrack provides passive observation of the behaviour of birds and bats in a diverse range of applications, such as EA, aviation safety, and agriculture, including analysis of the data captured and EA reports.

Tracking Wildlife

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 EchoTrack offers expertise in program management, field studies, interpretation and report, risk prediction, risk-response modeling, expert opinion, expert witness, and research.


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EchoTrack can provide a surveillance system on a lease basis, with the training of field staff on the proper operation of the system. This option enables customers to coordinate the use of the system on several concurrent projects.


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EchoTrack provides project-specific training and teaching of graduate students to ensure the proper application of our technology to their hypotheses.




EchoTrack Radar-Acoustic Surveillance System

EchoTrack pioneered the integration of radar and acoustic technologies in an advanced airborne wildlife surveillance system that identifies what animals are present and isolates their flight paths, including height.

On Our Radar


EchoTrack In South Africa

Working with several large wind energy providers and local biologists in the Western Cape region, EchoTrack provides pre-and post-construction risk assessments designed to investigate nocturnal movements of birds in areas planned for wind turbine development. Local biologists and observers conduct nighttime field monitoring with the objectives of monitoring when visual survey is not possible, and of maximizing the volume of coverage so multiple birds could be surveyed simultaneously and over a large area.

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Meet Our Graduate Students

  • Danielle Dagenais’ MSc thesis applied the radar-acoustic system to verify the use of vineyards, and natural habitat patches within them, by bats in the South Okanagan, BC. 
  • Frowin Becker’s MSc demonstrated the application of the EchoTrack radar to monitor accurately, the movements of endangered species like the Cape Vulture, to mitigate the impact of wind energy development in South Africa on their survival. 
  • Joachim Bertrands’ MSc thesis investigated radar-determined flight speeds as an indicator of food availability and thus, habitat quality, at migration stopover sites along the Pacific coast of BC. 
  • Florian Reurink’s PhD Thesis further investigated radar-determined foraging flight speeds of shorebirds to estimate their net energy intake as a test of the predictions from optimal fight speed theory.


By inviting a thread of nature through our agricultural lands, we restore the wonder of wildlife into our workday, reconnect our purpose to future generations, and let nature balance the forces we cannot fully engineer.
Innovation is the unique application of observation and experience to a vision for improvement.


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