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Dr. Rhonda Millikin

EchoTrack Inc., a privately held Canadian corporation headquartered in Whistler, was founded in 2003 by Rhonda Millikin, a respected ornithologist with extensive field experience. In 1999, Rhonda initiated her Ph.D studies in Physics and Environmental Studies, choosing Canada's Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, for its depth of expertise in remote sensing and control systems. Her objective was to better adapt and integrate military-based technologies for civilian use in wildlife monitoring and control. This unusual inter-disciplinary approach led to the founding of EchoTrack and the development of a technology with several unique innovations based upon Rhonda's research.

To observe and understand the behaviour of airborne populations, and to identify what animals are present and isolate their flight path, EchoTrack integrates advanced radar and acoustic technologies with its unique and patented algorithms. The result is a comprehensive census of the airborne wildlife and its flight behaviour.

“Our energies are focused on developing radar-acoustic technologies that derive comprehensive field results to meet regulator requirements, exceed customer expectations and provide risk mitigation strategies for airborne wildlife.”

Dr. Rhonda Millikin, President

Why EchoTrack

EchoTrack is a science based business focused on developing the very best technology for surveying and tracking all airborne wildlife. Primarily, we provide Environmental Assessment (EA) studies for renewable energy developers who must meet regulatory requirements to mitigate for potential impacts on birds, bats, and other wildlife, in the pre– and post– construction phases of their development projects. We bring to the table:


Extensive experience working with large renewable energy providers in the USA, Canada and South Africa, and with the agencies charged with policing the renewable energy industry.


An advanced surveillance system that combines radar and acoustics, the two technologies that regulators demand in order to get a substantiated estimate of the risk a developer will pose on wildlife.

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A reputation for assisting renewable energy developers in situations where highly accurate data is needed to assess mitigation options, for example, at sites where migrations have been historically significant.


An enthusiastic, customer-focused team of science and software specialists, each with 30+ years of experience in their respective field, and a passion for wildlife conservation.

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